A Day at Dia

My studio took a field trip to our site at Dia Beacon for our project this semester.

I don’t normally take the train from Grand Central Station, but when I do I really enjoy it. The train to Beacon showed some of New York’s most beautiful landscape features. Traveling up the Hudson River, you see everything from West Point, to the mountains, the forests, and watch the river follow along.

Beacon is a nice, small town. The Museum really brings the tourism here. It has some of the great artist sculptures housed in a factory style building. I got to see some of my favorite artists, like Richard Serra.

As for my studio, I did not quite enjoy it or the site visit. I won’t elaborate, but I just wanted to look at the art and chill out. We had 5 hours to visit Beacon and walk through so many sites, it was exhausting!

This was also around the time COVID-19 started to break headlines. About two weeks later, everything would shut down.  I am very glad I got to visit Dia before all of that happened.





All photos are taken by Sophia Kountakis. Not sponsored, but some links may be affiliate links where I receive a small commission from your purchase.

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