My Last Spring Outing

Hello folks!

The last time I posted on here was January 1, 2020 and WOW the world has drastically changed. I would like to make a life update before I get into some makeup experimentation looks. I do not want to talk in depth about COVID-19 because it is already all over the news and I do not want to be another source of internet that talks about this virus. I want my blog to be a refuge for those who would like to focus on something else, even if it is just makeup.

Now, onto my life update.

January and February were some of the hardest months I have had health-wise in a long time. With a recent diagnosis of some health issues in December, I was put on medication that simply was not working. It was making my situation so much worse and I was suffering for weeks. It took over my life.

In February, I turned 25 and had a really nice birthday dinner with friends. In those months, I also lost control of all my mental discipline and spent way too much money. It happens, but it was also frightening. There are so many lessons I learned and I am getting help.

In March, I stopped taking the medication so I could feel better, but I still did not and do not have a solution to my health issue. It was also around the same time that COVID-19 started wreaking havoc in the U.S. and NYC, where I currently live. My life, along with everyone else in the world, had to come to a stop. As of now, my graduation plans (I was suppose to graduate May 2020), summer plans, jobs plans, etc have been cancelled. I have a backup plan that I will follow up with on here later.

Since March 11, I have been stuck inside, only going out to get essentials maybe four times.  All of my errands and groceries are now delivered to me. As I finish my masters of architecture degree online, I needed to find something else to do to keep me sane. Besides trying to become a top chef, I decided I was going to play more with makeup and push myself with different techniques and styles. I have so many makeup products and just because I am not going out for anyone to see my makeup does not mean I cannot do my makeup for myself and the internet. I do my makeup for myself anyways!!! I also do not want my makeup to feel wasted or neglected, I paid for this stuff after all, I need to use it.

Below is the last outfit I wore outside. Since then, I have been wearing comfy clothes and loungewear. One days that I have school, I wear what I would normally wear to school to maintain some normalcy.


Stay well



Photos by Sophia Kountakis

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