Christmas and New Years!

Hello guys!

Finally catching up on blog content.

The last month of the year brought a lot of makeup content since I was not feeling too well and didn’t have the energy to go out and shoot the outfit looks I wanted at certain locations. I hope to get back to it in January, but for now you can catch up on my outfits on my Instagram- @sophiakountakis.

In December, I finished my last Fall semester ever, got all A’s, celebrated an anniversary with my boyfriend, flew home for Christmas and New Years, and went to the doctor for a very important check up. All is well now, but I am on the road to healing which is the most important part.

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This post will be going live in the New Year, 2020, so I want to also talk about a few resolutions I have for this year. I typically hate resolutions because they put an external pressure on me to perform a certain way and I usually give up quickly. I made sure my goals were very achievable over the course of the year. These things will not all happen at once, but are doable and will happen eventually!

1- Spend less. I’m really impulsive when it comes to spending money. It is one of my worst habits. I’m not saying I’ll never spend at all this year, but I really want to save my money and spend it on things that are very precious to me. For example, a gorgeous bag for my 25th birthday, a trip with friends, a graduation gift, a special occasion dinner, and/or etc. Instead of buying a bunch of small stuff I will probably sell or give away later, like clothes and shoes, I’d rather spend it on something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life or a memorable event/occasion.

2- Be kinder to myself. This is just a given. I’m the meanest person when it comes to myself. It’s a mental health thing that I need to work on and I promise I will!

3- Graduate! I’ll be finishing my Masters of Architecture in May 2020! I’ll never go back to school again, thank goodness!!!

4- Get a good paying job. If I want to stay in NYC, which I do, I need to have a job that pays well enough for me to live off of! Sounds like it shouldn’t be a problem, but you would be surprised as to how many architecture jobs aren’t paid very well.

5- Healthier Lifestyle. I do NOT mean ‘going on a diet’ or ‘exercising everyday’. I mean choosing to eat better when I can, not be so stressed about temporary things, try to move my body more when I have the time. After this doctor’s visit, it is imperative that I begin to make some lifestyle and health changes ,so I can prevent worse things from occurring in the future. I know I can make it happen, but it will take the entire year to fully see the difference and I am okay with that.


I hope and wish all of you a healthy and happy 2020!

You can also watch my makeup tutorial on IGTV and TikTok @sophiakountakis22

Watch my sister and I get ready on Youtube: sophiakountakis

YES, I got a TikTok and a Youtube channel this semester and I have no regrets!


Below are some photo summaries of my makeup looks this month!









I hope you enjoyed all of my content this year! I truly love making it <3



Photos and video are property and production of Sophia Kountakis.


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