Fall Leather Jackets

It’s Fall and that means I am gravitating towards to different types of jackets and coats. My favorite ones to wear at the moment are leather jackets! I own three; a black, brown, and beige jacket. They are all from different brands and are at different price points. I highly suggest making this an item that you invest in because leather is a high quality material and will last for years and years. This isn’t an item that gets thrown out at the end of the year.

Nowadays, “pleather” or vegan leather is quite the trend, so you may be able to find really nice products at a cheaper price. My brown and beige jackets are high quality leather and were purchased around five years ago before vegan leather was mainstream, so animal people please don’t come after me.

I am not against real leather, but I am against real fur, so I don’t know where that puts me on the spectrum of animal cruelty.  I am doing the best I can in other areas of sustainability in fashion.

My black leather jacket is pleather/vegan leather and was very very affordable! I don’t have photos of it, but I will link some options from the brand I purchased from. It is still a very nice quality jacket and I love it just the same as my leather jackets.

I personally think a leather jacket adds a level of quality to a look that is hard to achieve with other jackets. A leather jacket can be added to any single outfit, whether it be super sporty, girly, minimal, etc. It is the most versatile outfit staple you can own. I don’t think I need to sell it anymore than that!

I will list a leather jacket similar to the one I own and also list an affordable option along with a vegan leather option.

My Brown Leather Jacket is from Massimo Dutti. I bought it at the 5th Ave Store in NYC in 2014 when I visited with my family friends. I purchased it full price which was expensive, but it is the most beautiful jacket I own. The gold hardware and the structure of the jacket was just perfect for my frame. I also was looking for specific details like the way the jacket zips up, the sleeve closures, and the waist adjustments. This jacket had everything I wanted!

Similar brown leather jacket to minesuede brown leather jacket option / vegan leather jacket option

Brown Leather Jackets


This Beige Leather jacket from Vince was the most expensive item, but I bought it on sale for a steal price (cheaper than the full price Massimo Dutti jacket!). I purchased this jacket in 2014 at a Saks 5th Ave Store in Houston, Texas. I watched this jacket for five months as it went down in price. My actual size went out of stock in store, so I sized up and I do not regret it! The slightly oversized fit gives me a different silhouette to my outfits. The zipper detailing and the way the jacket closes was super attractive to me, as well as the perfect beige tone. I just thought the color was unique because it wasn’t ivory, white, or cream, it’s like a beige, but also not a beige. If that makes any sense! It has a grey undertone and I love it!

Similar beige leather jacket to mine / suede beige leather jacket  / cheaper beige leather jacket / vegan leather jacket option

Beige Leather Jacket


Black Leather Jacket (no picture)

My Black Vegan Leather jacket (not pictured) is the cheapest leather jacket I own. It is from Express and it is under $100. This jacket was more of a moto style, which was nice to differentiate it from my other two jackets. The sleeves on this are longer on me which is so nice because I have long arms! The jacket has a pebbled textured which makes it more durable and less susceptible to scratching, plus it is vegan leather so that’s good for all the animals! I listed some black leather jacket options from super high quality leather to a vegan leather option that is more affordable.

Black leather jacket option / another black leather jacket option / Vegan Leather jacket similar to mine

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