Target 20th Anniversary Collection

If you are a lover of all things Target, you would know that over the years Target has collaborated with big designers from the fashion industry to create collections that are accessible to the public and are budget friendly.

My first interaction with one of these collections was the Isaac Mizrahi collection from 2003-2009. My mom purchased a ton of home items and bags from this collection. I ended up using a duffle bag with this gorgeous pink flower on it for years and years until it finally broke! I loved that bag so much! I waited for other collections to drop after that and saw myself looking forward to the next collaboration.

Now that Target is bringing them all back, I had to get my hands on them asap! I was originally going to wait for the collection to drop online and in stores September 14  but I saw that there was a pop-up Target experience at Park Avenue Armory on Sept 7 (it is closed now) and I had to check it out! I love seeing stuff in person because it helps me decide on what to get and what not to get.

After having fun with all the exhibit activities, I went to the small store they had and look at every single collaboration to see what looked interesting to me. Every designer had so much to offer, but I was particularly attracted to the Missoni collection. If you know about Italian fashion houses, you would know who Missoni is and her collections of knitwear and patterns. I snagged this adorable cardigan and silk scarf. I love the classic Missoni zig-zag patterning and the color combination! I wanted items I could keep for a lifetime that I knew I was going to actually wear – items that were more towards my style. I expect this collection to sell out very quickly so if you have your eye on something, get it asap because it will not be restocking!


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The next item that caught my eye was this men’s Phillip Lim short trench coat. I saw it and thought, hey I could wear this! I have always wanted a black trench coat and this was such a good quality and cut. I knew I would wear it a lot during the fall season so I went ahead and snagged this as well! It’s so versatile and even though it is a men’s piece it is still very gender friendly.


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Another piece that I did not have photos of but you will see me wearing all winter long is an Isaac Mizrahi cashmere beanie. I love the colors of this beanie and I am so excited I bought cashmere for this cheap! I felt it was right to purchase a piece from Isaac Mizrahi since I loved the duffle bag I had as a little girl so, so much!

I hope you guys get the items you want from this collection. It will sell out very quickly with no restocking! There were so many amazing clothes and designs that I wanted, but I had to be practical with my purchases and see what I would use over and over again and what I would only wear once.



Photos taken by Sophia Kountakis team.

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