The Hamptons in One Day

I really wanted to visit east Long Island and all its pretty landscapes and beaches, since everyone on instagram raves about going “out east” I had to go see what it was all about.

Since I did not have a place to stay and everywhere that was available was too expensive, my friends and I decided it was best to go for the day. There are many ways to get there and to get around from town to town, but I was also looking for the cheapest option. Renting a car was the best decision we could of made! The train and additional Ubers would have been really pricey, since we were going to multiple places. There were four of us, which made splitting the car pretty cheap per person. We rented from the Avis Car Rental on E 11th St because they let us check out the car at 6:30am and return it by 11pm, since we were only renting for the day and not overnight.

We head out of Manhattan at 7am. It took about an hour and a half to two hours to get to Southampton. Our plan was to see the Parrish Museum in the morning, eat lunch in Southampton, visit the beach then drive to Flanders to see the Big Duck.


Any trip I go on, I try to see buildings and museums with some architectural flare to them. Yes, the Big Duck has some architectural history even though it technically had nothing to do with the era it was built it. It was originally for a duck farm and then was later adopted as a symbol for the Duck and Shed typology by Robert Venturi. Note, this duck was not built by him!! If you are ever out east, check out this Duck and get a souvenir.

Day outfit: Everlane dress / Thread by Everlane shoes

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After Southampton and the Duck, I really wanted to shoot in some sunflowers and there was a field owned by this farm in Mattituck. It is called Martin Sidor Farms, they grow sunflowers to harvest them for their oil to fry potato chips in and then sell them! I bought some of their chips and they were so good! We were in the fields for about an hour, it was warm out and there were bees everywhere. It was so magical! I was completely covered in pollen after this and I ended up losing my voice (allergy sufferer over here).

First outfit: Reformation jumpsuit / Thread by Everlane shoes / Cult Gaia purse / Reliquia Jewelry earrings / Valentino sunglasses

From there, there was a lavender field near by. We went but were sad because they had just picked them!!! I still ended up taking photos in the green bushes sans lavender.

Second outfit: Reformation dress (same style but different color) / Thread by Everlane shoes / Cult Gaia purse / Reliquia Jewelry earrings / Valentino sunglasses / Valet Studio ring

After this we ate at this extremely bougie looking McDonalds because lunch was very expensive (we ate at Sant Ambroeus in Southampton) and hung out at the beach for awhile. We were back in Manhattan by 10pm and I would say it was a really fun day! We covered so much in only 12 hours. In the future, I will have to explore more of the eastern part near Montauk.



Photos by Sophia Kountakis.

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