Woohoo! Another trip to Greece in the books! If you have been following me for a while or know me personally, you might know that my family is from Greece. Well, my dad’s side is, but I recently found out my mother’s side has 30% Greek, so I guess that makes me a little more than half 😉 . We go back every other year or every year depending on our schedules and school. This trip to Greece was more of a work trip. We are moving into our new house there, so over the course of three weeks it was a lot of work, a lot of waiting around for people to fix things, and not so much beautiful vacay instagram posts. However, anywhere you spend in Greece or whatever little you do, it is still a beautiful country to spend time in and I was grateful I could go back.

Originally, my family and I would stay in my grandfather’s house in the village. It is a very small apartment, like NYC size small, and for four people it was getting to be a bit crowded sharing one bathroom and a tiny living/kitchen area. Also, my grandfather was moving back to Greece for the first time in 40 or so years, so that was going to be his place again. Then, if we came we would have nowhere to stay, so my father looked into buying a house since we go there often and it would be an investment, also my mom and dad would eventually move there once they are retired.

The house is absolutely gorgeous and it sits just outside the village my family is from, but needed some renovating because the previous owner was very very short. My family of four is all tall (dad is 6’2″ and mom is 5’10”) so the appliances and furniture was not really fit for us. My aunt in Greece helped out with the major renovations and completed enough for us to be comfortable staying there a few weeks.

While we were there, we showed her what else we wanted to be fixed or changed and other appliances we needed or wanted to throw out. The way things run in Greece are a lot slower than compared to US, so it was a lot of waiting. We wasted the first week there waiting around for people to show up that we were suppose to meet to go over new additions and stuff but they never showed up! We could of been at the beach all day! In the end, it all worked out and now my aunt is continuing renovations. This time she will have a lot more time since we won’t be back until next year!

I’m really excited about this house, you can see snippets of it in the photos throughout this blog post. I mainly did a lot of outfit coordinating blog posts than “travel/ wanderlust” pics because we were in the village most of the time. But since we always go back, I can visit and show more of Greece in the future 🙂


In the second week, we had a really short weekend trip to eastern Crete to see this famous palm tree beach (native to the area) called Vaï. It is about 30 minute drive east from the town of Sitia, which we stayed in for two nights. It is a quaint port town, nice people and good seafood. The Vaï beach was really nice though, we spent an entire day just laying out on the beach. We have been around the south and west of Crete which has its own beautiful beaches and scenery but really wanted to check out the eastern part. I can say it’s really nice too! The island of Crete is just really nice in general, it’s not as touristy as Santorini and other islands and you can experience more of the culture of Crete and the local flare.


Our last week, was more house appointments and trying to visit all our family and my dad’s friends in the village. It was nice to see all my family come together again, since we don’t see much of each other in general.

Another fun part of this trip was going to this spectacular hotel in Hersonissos called Abaton. It is a 5 star resort on the coastline with a small private beach. My father’s friend knows the owner, who eventually became our friend too, and invited us for a dinner and to swim one day at the pool! This place is so fantastic, it has amazing food with Asian flare since the owner is married to a Korean woman, it has traditional Greek food and stunning views of the water. The architecture of the hotel was so sleek and contemporary with marble everywhere (very Greek). I highly recommend coming to Abaton if you want to stay in Crete for a luxurious experience!



That is all I have to say about my trip to Greece this year. We are going next year and hopefully to another country in between and some islands!




All photos are taken and owned by Sophia Kountakis.

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