New Skincare Routine – Sensitive Skin

My skincare routine as of the past 4 months has drastically changed since the last time I posted about it in 2018. If you are not familiar with my rash face in February on Instagram, I basically had two different types of rashes on my face. One around my eyes, origin unknown, that was around for a few weeks and healed up with some prescription ointment and one around my mouth area, which was diagnosed as perioral dermatitis and was healed with a 3 month antibiotic ointment. The dermatologist said I most likely got perioral dermatitis from a steriod nasal spray or from fluoride in toothpaste that came into contact with my skin. Other factors to this rash outbreak could of been environmental, spending my first winter in nyc was brutal enough on my skin, or stress from school, which in the past has proven to give me many bodily signs of illness.

The worst part about my rashes was the perioral dermatitis, I strongly suggest you look this up and do research. It is absolutely terrifying and, I can confirm, very painful to go through. Its like your skin is on fire and anything that touches it sets it aflame. I had to cut out all products completely, wear no makeup on the affected area (makeup was not an allergic reaction) and apply two antibiotic ointments for like 3 months until it finally went dormant. I had a skin allergy test done and my blood taken so I now know absolutely everything (!!!) I am allergic to, which includes environmental/nature to skin contact allergies –  its quite a list but I can live and avoid the majority of it, so it’s fine. Once the rash healed around my mouth, I started to wear more makeup again! It was torture honestly, I never wish this rash upon anyone. BUT this made me focus on what skincare is worth using and what wasn’t because I now have to avoid some ingredients to prevent the rash from coming back (YES IT CAN COME BACK!!!!).


The dermatologist recommended Vanicream to me, which is a more sensitive brand than Cetaphil, and I started using the gentle cleanser and moisturizer asap. Honestly, this is best stuff on the market and it can be bought at any Target or drugstore! I only used these two items for like 3 months straight, nothing else. I still use these products today! I now use a cleansing balm to take off my makeup. I use the Farmacy Green Clean because it is gentle, not very scented, and is moisturizing while simultaneously taking off my makeup. After, cleanse my face with Vanicream Gentle Cleanser.

For breakouts I currently use Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Exfoliate. It is gentle and effective and I use it 2-3x a week.  If I popped a pimple and I want it healed up asap, I use the Innisfree Cica Balm, gentle non-irritating, and reduces redness around pimples. I have learned the hard way that less is more. The more skincare I apply to my skin daily, the more irritated it becomes and breakouts appear.

And of course, for lips I still use the Glossier Balm Dot Com because it doesn’t irritate me and it is moisturizing.

THE BOTTOM LINE IS – when you have a rash go to the doctor immediately! DO NOT self treat.

List of Products I Currently Use: as of SEPT 2020

  1. Vanicream cleanser
  2. Farmacy Green Clean Balm
  3. Vanicream moisturizer and Vanicream SPF
  4. Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Exfoliate – use 2x week
  5. Innisfree Cica Balm
  6. Glossier Balm Dot Com

I hope you enjoyed reading my long saga of my rash face and if there is any other product I add to this list, I will update you guys. Thanks for reading 🙂



Photos by Sophia Kountakis.

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