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Ever want to know how to make your concealer last all day without creasing, sliding, and looking cakey? Watch my in-depth tutorial on IGTV to see how I go through my makeup routine for my concealer and setting powder.

Watch video here.

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There are many different concealers out there in the beauty market that are great to use. I would suggest finding out what your skin type and using a concealer that goes with it. For example, I have normal to oily skin so I use a thicker concealer that sets really nicely but is still tacky and creamy enough to allow me enough time to set it with powder properly. Some people prefer a more drying concealer but I have found that those make my undereyes feel cakey and dry. That is why I prefer a creamier one! My top favorite concealer of all time is Nars Creamy Concealer, I’m shade Vanilla. I have used this concealer since high school and it has never failed me! If I am tired and I want some extra brightness to my eyes, I’ll add some Becca Cosmetics Under-eye brightener before my concealer (so it’s underneath). It’s really nice and I use a small amount to add some brightness. The most recent concealer that I have tried and fell in love with is the new Jeffree Star Magic Star concealer, I’m shade C7, which is what I use in this video. It has a really nice texture and is brightening, creamy, but sets really nicely and still allows some tackiness for the setting powder. I have used the Fenty Beauty concealer, I’m shade 150, which is really nice, but I have found it more drying so I would need to prep my undereyes with a good eye cream first. But again, all of this is just preference so make sure to try and try until you find something that works for you!


For setting powder, I am in love with the Laura Mercier setting powder. It has never let me down, always sets my face without feeling really dry and is really nice to bake with. I have learned to bake over time because I have found it to be more effective, but I definitely do not bake as hard core as the majority of beauty bloggers, which is okay! The Jeffree Star setting powder is also really nice, I use it in the video as well. The Fenty Beauty setting powder is good as well, however I find it more drying as well. So again, it is just skin preference and what texture and feel you like on your skin. But all of them basically prevent creasing and have nice finishes. The Fenty and Jeffree also have multiple shades of setting powder which is really lovely for all skin colors 🙂


I hope you enjoyed a more in-depth video and blog post! I hope to do more of these in the future!



Photos and video taken by Sophia Kountakis.

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