Real Time Winter Fashion

It’s technically still Fall in NYC, but it definitely feels more like winter! Everyone on the streets dresses up in black puffers, teddy coats, etc. with beanies and scarves, all bundled up to protect themselves from the cold and harsh wind. Instagram can occasionally make it look like winter is a glamorous season with beautiful coats, perfectly curled hair, and tiny mittens… although this is really cute, it is also very rare to actually see this in real life. During the winter, I try to keep it cute by wearing more colors, or different sweater textures, or accenting with certain details that wouldn’t normally do because well I need to sacrifice something to stay warm, even if it means wearing my Dr. Martens 24/7 instead of my cute ankle boots. I’m here to show what real-time winter fashion looks like, plain and simple. It is possible to dress cute and still stay warm, but let’s be real, everyone outside is wearing giant Eskimo puffers, waddling like penguins all over NYC.

So here is my typical winter outfit: a warm sweater, typically something colorful, I sometimes layer a thinner, long sleeve underneath to keep me warm when walking outside. Layering is the way to go up north! I always wear a beanie now, especially if it is below 40 degrees. I am 10x warmer when my head is covered so this is must considering I walk to school every single day. A scarf, it depends on the temperature, and a puffer, I wear puffers when it is below 45 degrees. They are practical, super warm and protect you from the cold wind. I have been living in this puffer from Everlane and I cannot think of a better purchase if you are looking for a winter puffer. Plus, it is made of recycled plastics and is one of the cheaper options when searching for a puffer that actually keeps you warm! Denim is a must, something that is long enough to cover my ankles is perfect. I wear long socks and then Dr. Martens because they are durable, convenient, and keep my feet warm.

So there you have it – a practical, real-time winter fashion outfit. Never goes out of style, and everyone will be wearing this combination.

Shop my look: Uniqlo sweater / Everlane puffer / AndOtherStories beanie / Madewell jeans / Dr. Martens boots 


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Photos by Kendall Slaughter.




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