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You never know who you will run into in the Big Apple. This bustling city is full of interesting people whom I run into everyday either walking on the street, entering the subway or Uber, or even in caf├ęs or stores. People are genuinely nice here, despite rumors and what everyone typically says about people in the northeast. I’m from Texas so I guess everyone from the south just expects people to be overly nice, but I am comfortable with the way people treat each other here. It’s nice and courteous, but not in your business or trying to distract you from your day.

On the way to meet up with my friend for coffee to work on some things, I got lost. Of course, the address that google maps had suggested was incorrect and through me off about 16 blocks south of where I needed to be. I let my friend know and she decided to meet me in West Village, so I waited for her patiently. It was hot outside so I was just pacing back and forth trying to keep cool but not looking like I am waiting on the street for no reason.

While waiting and looking at my phone anxiously, I was approached by a guy with an old vintage camera wrapped around his neck. He asked if he could take my photo. I said sure, looking at him he looked nice and genuine. He suggested there was a nice spot by some stairs on the next street and so we went there and took a few photos. I even asked him take a photo for a daily outfit post for Instagram. He said he was visiting New York and wanted to try out his new film camera and thought the people on the street were interesting subjects. I was flattered and gave him my email in case he developed the images. I wanted to see the outcome!

Two weeks later, I received the email with two beautiful black and white images! So here they are, taken by Nick Kuiper.


You never know who you will meet in NYC and I think that is why I wanted to moved here. I wanted to get to know other people and see other ways of life. Moving here alone without my family is extremely hard for me (I have friends nearby but I live by myself). There are days where I do not want to leave my apartment in fear of interacting with the world because of my crippling anxiety. Then there are days where all I want to do is walk around, see things and get my sensory inputs flowing. I am thankful I got lost that day because I would of never had this opportunity to meet someone. Everything happens for a reason, so I just need to take things one step at a time.

Thank you again, Nick, for these wonderful photos. He mentioned he didn’t have a website just yet, but when I find it I will link his work in this post!




Photos by Nick Kuiper.


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