A Graphic Green Eye

Color is something I am extremely interested in when it comes to eye shadow. I love playing around with different shades, tones, textures, and shapes. Out of all of the colors eye shadow comes in, I think green is one of the harder ones to tackle without looking like the hulk. Finding the right shade that makes you feel comfortable wearing is important as well. I prefer something shimmery when it comes to darker colors. My favorite brand for using vibrant eye shadows at the moment is Il Makiage. Their formula for eye shadow is so creamy, pigmented, and so easy to apply its a dream. I’ve had the privilege of visiting the pop-up shop in SoHo, NYC and meeting the makeup artists there who are so kind and sweet. I decided to have one of them try a look on me and she decided for a green eye look from this palette and I was hooked! I loved the outcome and I wanted to recreate a version for my blog. I love this palette for the gorgeous neutral tones that compliment the bold vibrant greens, blues, and golds. This palette is perfect for a night out look or even a beautiful day look!

Watch the video on my IGTV channel (watch here) to see how I created this look and get your palette here! This is not sponsored, I just truly love this eye shadow. It is a dream to wear!


When applying vibrant colors, it’s important to always lightly dip your brush into the desired color and slowly build the shadow into the shade you want. This controls the amount of pigment you are using.

Even though I applied my base first, it is best to do eyes first when applying brighter or dark colors so if there is any fallout, you can clean it up and not ruin your foundation.

Getting the brush wet can amplify the color in the pigment and actually make it easier to apply if used as an eyeliner or trying to control the shape you want.





Remember: You can use any green eye shadow to recreate this look! Don’t let anything stop you from playing with makeup!


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