A Glossier Look

Glossier is one of the many brands I discovered through Instagram. The first thing that caught my eye from their products was the Super Serums and the Rosewater Spray. I deeply in need for something to help my skin during semesters at school and these products did the trick! I kept following the brand online and year after year Glossier has introduced some amazing popular and beautiful makeup and skincare products that I rush to buy online. The packaging, marketing, and quality of the products are fantastic. The overall Glossier look is something that is dewy, glowing, simple, yet elegant. Here is my take on a Glossier makeup look- watch the video and shop my top favorite products below!


Eyes: Glossier Stretch Concealer / Glossier Lidstar / Glossier Boy Brow / Glossier Lash Slick

Face: Glossier Cloud Paint / Glossier Haloscope

Lips: Glossier Generation G / Glossier Lip Gloss




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