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Labor Day is over so that means everyone in the country who is attending an academic institution is officially back at school. I started last week, but I was thankful for the three-day weekend to relax a bit because I am always so nervous starting school every semester. Especially at a completely new school where I know no one. Graduate school is different, but nothing I am not familiar with from undergrad. An architectural degree inquires a different routine and work flow than other majors. I am lucky to be finally attending a school, Pratt Institute, that is progressive in today’s architecture and is always striving for next thing. I am enjoying the school culture, the surrounding neighborhood, and the city, of course.

When going back to school, I always make sure I have my wardrobe aligned and a new outfit to help me start the year out fresh! I typically go to school in the clothes pictured above and sometimes depending on the occasion, you’ll see me dressed up in trousers or a nicer outfit for winter. But since it is still warm outside, this is what I wear. I go for a classic look. An everyday tee, preferably striped with a colored pant or denim. If I am walking a lot that day I choose a comfort sneaker like Reebok or Adidas. For a nicer day, I will wear a loafer or something that is comfortable to walk in but still looking stylish. My favorite brands to purchase this style are Madewell and Everlane. I think both brands do an amazing job of keeping the everyday sophisticated woman looking appropriate for work, leisure, or even a nice evening out. The simplest and modern look is something I gravitate towards because it is timeless and will never go out of style. It’s not trendy so I’m never worried about “being out of style.” It’s a classic look.

Shop my top picks for going back to school with the links below.

Do you guys like the pic-collage? I am trying to find a widget that will let me select each item with its custom link.

Have a great day at school and good luck this semester!





1. Madewell: Whisper Cotton Crewneck Tee in Creston Stripe

2. Everlane: The Clean Silk Notch Shirt

3. Everlane: Straight Leg Crop

4. Madewell: Roadtripper Jeans in Orson Wash

5. Everlane: Modern Zip Backpack

6. Madewell Medium Transport Tote

7. Reebok Classics Sneakers

8. Everlane: The Modern Loafer


Photo and image collage by Sophia Kountakis.

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