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As mentioned in my previous post, I am currently deciding between graduate schools for Architecture. For those of you who are not aware, I am choosing between Pratt Institute in New York and SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. Two weeks ago, I visited SCI-Arc in LA for a very short time for their admitted students day and this past week I visited Pratt Institute in New York City for their open house. I really enjoyed touring Pratt, I personally think it is the right fit for me. I love New York City, no other city compares to it. It is still really difficult for me to decide between two great schools, but I am definitely leaning more towards Pratt. I love the program and I feel like I can really develop myself as a designer and a future architect even though I am not sure where I will end up in this field. I am very excited. I keep imagining myself in these cities and how my life and studio will like there. This is such a huge change for me because I grew up in the same town I go to undergrad in, so I have never really lived anywhere else. New York is fun and exciting so I am sure I will adapt quickly.

Here are some photos of the places I visited while in New York. I had a few more days here than in LA so I actually got to see buildings and go inside them. The first day there was the Pratt open house, which was a full day spent in Brooklyn. The next day, I had tea time at Ladureé, check out the Glossier showroom, and see some of my favorite museums and buildings in NYC! I love just walking around the city and being able to see and experience the sub-neighbors, the food and culture. I finally got to try the hyped soup dumplings from Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown and I was to say it was worth the hour wait outside in the cold rain. Hands down the best dumplings ever!! You get eight plump dumplings full of warm soup for $6.00!!!!!!!! 😀 They were amazing, please go there if you live in NYC and are not aware of this place or if you are visiting (photo of me slurping up dumplings below!).

I am extremely exhausted from this trip, but it was so worth it. For anyone deciding on graduate school, or even undergraduate schools, go visit!! You need to find out if you actually like where you are going to be and to see the program before you attend is extremely important on making your decision.

Stay tuned for any more updates on my life. I could be moving to either coast in the next four months!




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Photography by Sophia Kountakis.

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