2017 was a difficult year for me. It was filled with hardships, trials, and coming to the realization that things are going to change soon. This year will be a huge change because I will be finally graduating from college and hopefully starting a new chapter somewhere else.

The one thing I learned the most about this year is people. People are difficult to grasp for me and I realized that everyone is not what they seem. Finding out what people say about you or hearing how they think you should live was really hard for me to reason with. Partially because I psychoanalyze everything single thing, which in turn stresses me out to the point of breaking down. I want to be involved with everyone, but my introverted self tends to make me reclusive and to others it seems off-putting. I thought I could fix this by trying to be more involved with people and I found out that it doesn’t work so well. I fight myself because of this and it was hard for me to make decisions on letting go of being involved with others and keeping to myself for the sake of my happiness and sanity. Also, I am in my first relationship and my significant other was away for a good chunk of the year, so any time I had with him was spent preciously trying to catch up and figure out our dynamic. It was difficult because we were in a situation where we were together during school for the first time and adjusting to that while juggling friends, studio, and extracurricular activities was extremely stressful. A few people didn’t “approve” of our dynamic, but I had to learn that their opinions of my happiness do not matter. That they are only saying this because they are not happy with some part of their life, so they feel the need to say something about my life to make themselves feel better. It was very stressful for me because unfortunately, I care about what other people say about me because I feel it reflects on my character. But I know who I am and what I have done, and I have done nothing but try to be happy. I make my efforts to be involved with people when I need to like I have always done and that is enough for me.

This past semester in studio was also an important semester because I had to complete a final comprehensive project. On top of all of that, I was applying for graduate school, taking the GRE, putting together a portfolio, and making sure I was prepared. I only applied to schools outside of Texas, which means I will be moving if I get accepted. I have never lived outside of my hometown because it was conveniently located next to a university, where I am attending now. If I get accepted, I will move and the thought of that frightens me, but I am also so extremely excited to be in a new area. There are a lot of mixed emotions because I will be separating from a lot of friends, family, and boyfriend. But nothing has been known or decided yet, so 2018 will reveal this to me later in the year. I finished applying to graduate school this past week and now I wait for the results.

Besides those hardships, 2017 was a year of exploring and making memories that I will never forget. I visited Mexico City during spring break, had fun with my boyfriend taking car trips over the summer, spent the Fourth of July in DC, went back to Greece to see my family, and took a trip for New Years to Austin with all of my friends.

As for my style this past year, it has evolved and will continue to evolve this year. I am wearing more color, trying different cuts that what I’m not used to wearing and indulging myself by collecting some really cool jewelry and bags. For my blog, it has not really grown this year at all. In fact, I have dropped so many followers because I rarely post on here or Instagram. I am really trying to be more frequent, but like I said I have been extremely busy with studio and I’m also trying to live in the moment. My blog is not my job. It is a hobby and whatever it will turn into in the future is fine with me. For now, I am focusing on graduate school and trying to situate myself in a new perspective, a new place, and increasing my education to give myself a better life in the future and fulfilling my dreams. I will be keeping updates this year on here.

For now, here are some of my favorite photos from 2017.

Thank you for keeping up with me on here! It means so much more than I can describe.



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Photography by Sophia Kountakis


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  1. Yeah, other people ruin things. I think finding out that most people don’t really have your best interest at heart was a great revelation for me. Just do things for yourself without a care! All the best for 2018!
    PS. I love your pictures!

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