If you haven’t noticed, pins are now back in style with an emoji presence. A popular trend that appeared in the 80s and 90s has now resurfaced in 2016, just like everything else. Emojis have practically taken over the media scene to the point where millennials, such as myself, can’t even type anything without expressing our emotions with one of these cute emoticons. I am obsessed with the idea of an emoji-universe. I think it’s hilarious (and partly genius) that we now express ourselves with visual icons that similarly represent our actual, physical expressions. The range of emojis is only growing larger and will eventually take over every aspect of our lives, so I am embracing the idea. [FYI- there is an entire book written only using emojis!!].  Memes are also another way our society has created to express certain feelings using similar images from our media culture. Like I stated before, I love the idea! Maybe it is because I am a visual person and I understand things better when I see them, or maybe They are just too cute! Either way, the idea of having emoji pins got stuck in my head and I had to get my hands on some ASAP.

Pins are typically ‘pinned’ onto backpacks, hats, denim jackets, or overalls. So, I stuck with the basics and decided to dress up like a really tall fifth grader and pin emojis to my overalls. I felt like a kid, but it was humorous. I don’t know if I would actually go out in public with ALL of these emoji pins on me, but I definitely will go out with a few of them on.

I purchased these pins from because they aren’t as expensive as some websites and they basically offer every single emoji, even different skin tones. When my package came, I got a cute note and two extra emoji pins for free!! I was so happy! But these aren’t all of them… I have a few more coming in from because they offer a different selection of emojis pins. Pintrill also showcases artist’s work in pins and some from our meme culture.

Get to pinning! … see what I did there 🙂 okay maybe not that funny.




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I wore:

Madewell overalls and denim jacket

Zara striped shirt

Birkenstock sandals

Ray-ban sunglasses

Pins: 100 pin – Pintrill, the rest of the emojis – Emoji Pins

Photography by Katerina Kountakis.

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