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Here’s a little beauty post about what I am into currently. The colored eyeliner trend has come and gone throughout the years, but I think it is here to stay. There are so many colors from every single brand that it is hard to choose. I brought out some of my favorites that I use daily. I wear a different color almost everyday depending on my outfit, what color I am wearing, my eyeshadow, or how I feel that day. MAC is obviously a brand that I use often, but I also enjoy using brands like NARS or Smashbox. I swatched the pencils below.

I love using the Smashbox ‘Jet Black’ eyeliner for a perfect cat eye look. It goes on so nicely and it is the easiest to clean up mistakes. The colored pencils from MAC and NARS I apply closely to my eyelash line. The MAC ‘Snowed In’ is perfect for applying on the lower lid water line to open the eyes. I found that using pure white eyeliner is too harsh, instead I like to use a cream color.

From left to right: Smashbox ‘Jet Black’ / MAC ‘Snowed In‘/ MAC ‘BrownBorder‘/ MAC ‘Powersurge‘/ MAC ‘Jade Way‘/ MAC ‘Auto-De-Blu‘/ MAC ‘Sudsy‘ / NARS ‘Bourbon Street

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