Remember when I first started this blog, I said I would post my past vacations on here? Well I am still doing that. Believe it or not, it has taken me since August of last year to locate these pictures from Puerto Rico in 2010. I was really young and did not own a smart phone, or a laptop for that matter, so I had no way of actually saving these pictures except on the family desktop. After searching through millions of photos, I found a few snapshots that were worth posting. I apologize for the poor resolution quality, I used a tiny pocket DSL camera and my photography skills were not very good.

My family and I decided to go on our first summer trip with another family, whom we are good friends with, in 2010. They previously vacationed in Puerto Rico and told us all about the beautiful scenery and historic town views and wanted us to come along with them this time. Unfortunately, a tropical storm came through the island and our entire trip consisted of rain, frizzy hair, and trying to find other modes of activity besides playing on the beach.

We stayed at the El Conquistador Hotel on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, a nice resort with exceptional views (when it wasn’t cloudy and rainy of course). From the hotel, you can see the line in the sea where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean.  The resort has its own private ‘beach island,’ which was accessible by boat. There were two days that we spent on the beach. My sister and I found huge seashells, road water skis, and let the baby tiger sharks swim around us (yes, there are sharks here, but they’re harmless).

All of us took a day trip to Old San Juan to visit the historic port, city walls, and castle. It was super fun running through the old chambers and reading about the history of the site. Learning about historic architectural monuments while experiencing them at the same time is my favorite part of traveling.

Of course, we ate authentic Puerto Rican food, drank virgin piña coladas, and drooled over homemade donuts from the local Wal-Mart (cannot remember actual name of them). Aside from being drenched by the rain the entire time, it was a fun trip and I sure will never forget it.



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Photography by Sophia Kountakis

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