I love the way the sunlight hits the earth at this hour. Right before dusk, shadows play their biggest part in capturing the form of the elements that create them. The light is warm, like a natural sepia filter, deeping the color of the environment.

There is nothing I like more than to contrast colors against each other, which is why I chose blue for a theme today. I decided to add hits of blue in my makeup also. Today was a rest day because I have just finished exams for the semester and I recently having been searching for a new car. My sister gets her license tomorrow (hope she passes!) so she will get my car and I will get a new one. I will keep you guys updated on that.

My baby Mansur Gavriel bag came in, which I got from their December site relaunch! I love the colbalt blue and black together, it’s so striking yet so simple!

As you can see the weather isn’t cold enough here to wear winter coats yet. The days have been warmer than usual, which throws me off because it is winter but I cannot wear my winter clothes! Anywho, for those who are freezing, stay warm 🙂




I wore: Neiman Marcus cashmere sweater / AG jeans / DSW booties / Mansur Gavriel bucket bag / makeup- MAC cosmetics

Photography by Katerina Kountakis

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