Hey guys,

It’s been a few days since I have last posted because I have finally completed my long, exhausting mid-terms. It was a very difficult week for me last week, so now I am recovering by eating cookies, ice cream, and trying to enjoy this warm fall weather. But not for long, because my professor has scheduled mid-term #2 this week. So, another week of no sleep is ahead for me.

For my mid-term last week, I wore this all-white ensemble to compliment my all-white building model I constructed. I noticed not many people wear all-white suits, or all-white anything unless it’s in the middle of summer, so I decided to make this a fall thing. White is acceptable at any time of the year, even in the winter, which I will show on my blog. I paired my outfit with blush flats to add more of a feminine touch. Lastly, I have some chic accessories, one of them is my vintage Chanel pendant necklace, the other are my Dior So Real shades which are SO in right now. See what I did there? 🙂

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Zara blazer / button down tank / J brand jeans / Pure Navy flats / Dior sunglasses / Chanel vintage necklace

Photography – Evan Shelton Photography

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  1. Hey.. the all white look suits you so well. White is such a classy color to me and can be very difficult to pull off. Like I for instance cannot imagine myself in all white. Your pics looks great.

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