Hey guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful week! It’s been a busy, busy week for me in studio because mid-terms are approaching, which means late nights, no sleep, and trying to remember to eat something. The most difficult thing about studio is sacrificing the time to take care of yourself when you know you could be using that time to relax to keep working on your project. In my case, I try to take at least one break to eat a meal. I am producing to models at once, one digital and one analog. I am completely done with the digital, but the analog model is taking forever! I know I haven’t shown you guys any pictures of my work yet, but I will after mid-term, promise!

Anyways, I am enjoying my fall season with this adorable hat from Mango and green leather pants from AG jeans. I have never worn leather pants before, let alone green pants, but they are so chic I’d wear them everyday! My friends and I went to our downtown center because it has this rustic, old feel to it. We walked around and found some neat places to shoot this outfit. One place was an old burned down store, which provided this great, fall-ish background.

This outfit is perfect for a weekend of shopping, hanging with friends, or just roaming around town. Plus, it is super comfortable (especially the heels)!

Enjoy! Shop the links below-





Massimo Dutti top – similar / Mango hat / AG jeans / Madewell heels / Ray-ban sunglasses / Stella McCartney purse in black

All photos taken by Alex Karshis and Tung Nguyen.

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