Busy busy busy Friday! Sorry I’ve been so off from my usual posting schedule, but here ya go!

Today’s simple ensemble consists of 7 for All Mankind jeans, Mercanti Fiorentini loafers, and a white v-neck. Along with my Yves Saint Laurent sac du jour of course.

Finally, finally, moved in 99% into my new apartment with my two roommates. Tomorrow and Sunday will be days of decorating, arranging, and spending money. Our little place is already starting to look cozy. I’ll post some pics of my room if you guys want to see? I wish the walls would be white, instead of beige. It’s throwing off my whole modern, sleek, black & white look I have going on. I love interior decorating, I’m thinking about pushing my career more towards that.

But for the fashion side of my career, I love simplicity. Just like in my interior design drawings/ideas, I like simple, sleek, modern looks for a room. That’s how my style is. I rarely wear any patterns, or mix-matched prints. If I do, I always pair the piece with something simple. Sometimes I go simple all the way, like for today’s outfit.

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!





All photos taken by Sophia Kountakis

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