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I am finally posting my favorite beauty products after two weeks of stalling. One of the reasons is because I am in the process of getting a new laptop and I don’t want to add any more pictures to my hard drive. So I am doing most of my blog posts off my iPhone, which is difficult and it takes more time.

As promised, I will still post my favorite makeup products and my updated sunglasses collection. I apologize for taking forever, but this month is going by way to fast for me!

Okay, so I am going to show you my daily beauty products for day and night, plus how I treat my problem skin. But first, please note that these products work well for me and might not suit someone else because of different skin types.


My skin type is combination oily; I am oily in my T-zone area, but my cheeks are on the drier side. I get those pesky time-of-the-month breakouts and blackheads, but I do not have acne. The terms ‘breakouts’ and ‘acne’ are too different things and I did not know this until I went to a dermatologist. My skin is also very sensitive and I am allergic to many perfumes and cheaply made products. Note that I also do not use all of these products every single day. I switch off between brands and types of product depending on how my skin is that day. Feel free to get to know your skin and how it likes to work, everyone is different!

If you are interested in any of these brands, I would suggest to definitely check out their different types of products for each skin type. Any other questions, I suggest seeing a dermatologist or a skin care professional.


I wash my face twice a day, I have found that it clears up my skin faster than just washing it at night. I love using the Clarisonic Mia2 before I go to bed. My face feels extra clean afterwards and the machine has two speeds that you can adjust depending on how sensitive your skin is. There are also different kinds of head brushes you can purchase depending on your skin type or skin need. I used the deep pore cleansing brush. The Mia2 can also be found at Macy’s, Sephora, and Ulta.

For face wash, I love using Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea. I pour this on my Mia2 head brush and it works great! My face is soft, plus it has a nice smell to it. Origins is my top favorite brand to use. They use all organic ingredients and my skin hasn’t had an allergic reaction to it, plus I find that my skin has more balance than it used to. They have products for every skin type, even aging skin. I’ve found Origins at Macy’s and Sephora , but you can also go to their website.



After washing my face I apply Lancôme Génifique Youth Activating Serum. This product basically unlocks the ten signs of youth to make your skin balanced, even, bright, and firm. It is all for ages and skin types. After a few weeks of using this product, I have definitely notice a difference in even skin tone. My favorite thing about it is that this is not a heavy-duty anti-aging product. I do not need something like that, since I am still very young, but skin starts to age at 18 years old, especially if you drink a lot and smoke. So I always like to be proactive when it comes to my skin and my body and I feel like Lancôme created a product that also targets the younger generation very well.

The Origins A Perfect World Age-defense treatment lotion with White Tea does the same as the Lancôme Génifique, except, to me, it does not target fine lines. This puts a bubble around your skin to protect it from any further skin damage. It is a wonderful product and I usually apply this after the Génifique.


Applying moisturizer to your skin is essential. Drying out your skin does not help it heal, prevent aging, or skin damage. There are oil-free moisturizers out there if you have super oily skin. It took me years to finally get this through my thick skull and now I never go without moisturizing my face or my body.

My favorites are Origins A Perfect World SPF 25A Perfect World (no spf), and High-Potency Night-A-Mins. The Perfect World SPF 25 I use in the morning after I have washed my face and applied my serums. Sunscreen moisturizer is the best thing you can do for your skin, period. Read any skin care article! The Perfect World with no SPF I use a night. The Night-A-Mins is a renewal cream that puts all the good stuff back into your skin after you have scrubbed/washed your face. This is by far my #1 product ever. 1) it smells amazing, 2) my face is the softest it’s ever been since I have started using this, and 3) this makes my face feel like it is quenched with nutrients. I use this after my serums and before my moisturizer, at night only!


Okay, confession time: the one thing I hate about my skin is that I have horrible (the worst) dark under eye circles. Not just a little discoloration around the eye area, but more like if I didn’t wear eye makeup concealer, people would ask whether or not I got punched in the eye, or if I am deathly sick. It’s that bad and when I am sick with a sinus infection, or did not get any sleep, my eyes get really puffy. So since I was a little girl, I have been finding ways to fix this. I have researched everything from homemade remedies, expensive products, essential oils, foods, etc. I still have not found anything that has solved my issue, but here are some products I think have made a little difference.

The Origins Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright eye cream works the best when applied at night after your moisturizer. I have woken up in the morning and noticed that my eye sockets were not as purpley-blue as usual. This can be applied in the morning as well for best results. Origins also has GinZing refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff that works great in the morning. It definitely helps mask the ‘I did not get sleep and my eyes look dry and dead’ look. The best thing that works for puffiness is Origins No Puffery eye roller. Swipe this baby on in the morning, either before or after your makeup, and you will be de-puffed in twenty minutes. Personally, I roll this all over my eye socket up into my eyebrows. I find it even helps soothe some tension in that area.

For fine lines, dryness, or irregular skin around the eye, I love using Perricone MD Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream. This also targets dark under-eye circles. I use this morning and night and have noticed lesser fine lines. I do not have wrinkles, but those tiny fine lines underneath my eye, caused from smiling.


I love using facial masks. I think they are great! They remove tons of dirt and my face feels amazing afterwards! I use a mask about three times a week or as needed. I also exfoliate my face about once or twice a week, again depending on how my skin feels at the time.

The mask I am really into right now is GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment. Let me just say that this mask will pull out any impurities that are clogging up your pores. The best thing is that you can see it working, no lie. Half way into the mask drying, you start to see dots forming from your pores, a.k.a. dirt, dead skin, sebum, etc. It is sort of disgusting because you realize that your pores were worse than you realized. I use this mask three times a week because I am prone to blackheads in my T-zone. I struggle with blackheads, they are the toughest things to treat and once you pick at it, it becomes a pimple. I have noticed a difference using this. So much so, my face is gross right now because the mask is pulling out all the dirt from my deep inside my pores. I need to keep using it so my pores are clean for good! I was recommended to use this for thirty minutes, three times a week for a month, or as needed. Then only use the mask once a week to maintain my face. Again, everyone’s skin is different, so be sure to test this on yourself first. There is also a cleanser that can be used instead, daily, if you don’t need the mask.

Something similar to this, is Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask. It does the same thing except, you cannot physically see it pulling out the dirt from your pores.

For pimples, especially ones I have tried to pop, I like to use Origins Out of Trouble  mask. This mask is fantastic! Ten minutes on and I can the puss from my previously popped pimple coming out. Gross, right? But it’s great and it also shrinks the pimple size and reduces the redness.

To exfoliate, I use Origins Modern Friction gentle microdermabrasion. This has rice in it instead of tiny plastic beads, which is healthier for you and the environment. It can be used with little, or a lot, of water depending on how rough you want to scrub your face.


I have recently found out that certain acne, or breakout treatments, do not work for me at all and instead give me more breakouts and pimples. Yes, that can happen. It is because everyone’s skin is different. For me, since I do NOT have ‘acne,’ if I use any product that says ‘acne treatment’ or ‘for acne prone skin,’ I will breakout more. Even more so that my skin looks red, agitated, and pimply. I finally went to the dermatologist one day and asked how I could cure this. I never had massive pimple breakouts before, or anything else, in my entire life. He told me it is because, when I use products for acne prone skin on skin that isn’t prone to acne, the products agitate the skin. Also, I found out I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide (commonly used in spot-pimple creams or acne treatments), which made every pimple on my face, bigger. Even if the product contained high amounts of salicylic acid, my face reacted horribly to it.

So I had to take a step back, read the ingredients, and re-evaluate my products. I have found that Origins has a Super Spot Remover gel for those pesky pop-up pimples. It works well, but I cannot use it very often because my skin peels really bad. Just make sure to dab a little bit right on top of the pimple only! This does contain salicylic acid, but only 1.5%, which does not agitate my skin.

BUT, the best breakout/spot treatment/giant pimple remover I have ever used in my life and have recommended to all my friends with acne issues, is Mario Badescu Drying Cream. This product is flat-out amazing! I recommend this to anyone who wants to get rid of pimples, even ones you have messed with. It ‘conceals’ the pimple, but it is not a makeup concealer. I do not use this under or over my makeup. I have found this product works best at night after all your treatments. When you sleep, your skin heals and repairs itself, including breakouts. When applied, this cream dries out the pimple and prevents oil from re-clogging the pore. I wake up in the morning, wash any left over residue, and my breakout/pimple is reduced, or it’s GONE! If the pimple has been popped, the cream will pull out the puss and dry it up completely. The best part is that it has NO benzoyl peroxide and NO salicylic acid, and it is made with natural ingredients.

I have found all of these products at Macy’s, Sephora, and/or Ulta. Also, check out each products’ website for anything extra.

Well, there you have it. These are my favorite products/brands and I use them religiously.

Until next time,



All photos in post are not property of Sophia Kountakis. Only cover photo was taken by Sophia Kountakis.

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