Hey guys! 

I hope this week has been productive for you. I have been busy, but not seeming to get the important stuff done, which always leaves me feeling unproductive. I guess it’s because classes start back up at the university in two weeks and I am just not ready. It gives me horrible anxiety that I have to go back to studio, but I know once I’m adjusted the first week I will be okay. I just want to be on vacation forever. Don’t we all? But that’s not how an architectural career is made. Although, I am also not sure if that is what I want to do anymore. I’ve always had an interest in design, whether it be fashion, interior, graphic, or etc, but I can never seem to find my niche. I will finish out my architectural degree because 1) I only have two years left [5 year program] and, 2) with an architectural degree, I can master a lot of different design fields because I have to know it all in order to be an architect. So I guess it’s a win-win, but I am also impatient. I want my career now. I am still so young, only a 20-year-old college student with a blog. But I just wanted to share my thoughts, since I feel like sometimes I am this blogger that only posts day-to-day outfits and never reveals any human-aspects of her life.  

Well this post got a little off-topic than I planned. Anyways, it is slowly becoming fall. VERY SLOWLY! But that’s why we have pre-fall, where you can pair some summer and fall pieces together and still be on trend. Ones trend that never really goes away is denim. You can’t go wrong! Adding a darker colored top with some beige shoes or bag, screams pre-fall! Everyone has their own style, so never be afraid to express your way! 

Today, I am sporting a relaxed look. I have a typical white t-shirt on, but as stated before, feel free to opt for a darker top to get more of a pre-fall look. 

Happy styling!




Jacket: American Eagle / Bottoms: Target / Shoes: Mercanti Fiorentini / Sunglasses: Karen Walker / Bag: Yves Saint Laurent

Photos by Sophia & Katerina Kountakis


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