I hope this lovely and warm Saturday has been great for all of you.

I recently have been shopping, too much. One of the things that came in the mail this past week was my new Stella McCartney mini crossbody from! It’s so stylish and the baby pink color is so chic. The metal strap and detailing give it that edge that suits any outfit.

Also, I have updated my sunglasses collection, and I will do a post later next week when my last pair comes in.

But last but not least….. AG JEANS FEATURED MY PHOTO ON THEIR INSTAGRAM PAGE!!!! I just about died when I saw the post [ see it here ]. I love AG jeans because they are so comfortable. The fabric of the denim is softer than most brands and they have a variety of styles and colors to choose from. The insta-post also features my Stella McCartney bag and my Seychelles shoes, which are also comfortable and affordable.

So anyways, as a new style blogger, I am thrilled to have a brand feature my photo on their Instagram. I will sleep with a smile on my face tonight!

Have a great rest of the weekend!



Shop the links –

Bottoms: AG jeans

Shoes: Seychelles – Gilt website, or go to

Bag: on, Stella McCartney

Sunglasses: Ray-ban

Amethyst rock: Urban Outfitters

White quartz rock: Restoration Hardware

All photos taken by Sophia Kountakis

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