I want to start posting more about my love for fashion, well it is more like an obssession. I watch all the fashion seasons, keep up with all the campaigns and designers on media, and follow all the models. I may not be able to afford every designer bag right now, but I hope to in the future. I did splurg this summer on two designer bags though, a Saint Laurent and a Stella McCartney.

Here is my list for my top ten designer bags to die for:



I have dreamt about this bag for the past four years. I am obssessed! I have no idea why it appeals to me so much! I just think it is so different, so stylish, and so unique. I love the Nano luggage tote because it is the perfect size for me. I don’t really carry a lot of items in my purse. The Céline Nano might seem small, but there is plenty of room inside. It even fits a regular sized women’s wallet.



This is the bag I purchased when I vacationed in Paris this past July. It is a classic baby sac du jour in dark grey (not sold online) with a lightly grained leather finish. I love the simplicity of this bag and it has so much room inside for being a crossbody. The design is simply beautiful, minimal, but it says so much. And the colors it comes in? Don’t even get me started haha!



So this bag isn’t necessarily a high fashion brand, but the store online sells out the second they restock. The designers hand craft these in Italy with real italian leathers. The designs are simple, but my absolute favorite is the Mini Bucket Bag. This bag is affordable, but the only problem is finding where to buy one before they all sell out. If I buy any bag within the next year, it will definitely be a Mansur Gavriel Mini bucket bag.


chloe drew

Ahh Chloé, the ultimate go-to designer to create a polished, ethereal look. The medium Drew crossbody is the perfect size for the everyday fashionista.


louis-vuitton-alma-bb-epi-leather-icons--M41327_PM2_Front view

Louis Vuitton. It’s the first name you think of when someone says designer handbag. It’s a classic. It is must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. I adore the Alma BB in the epi leather. It’s polished, smooth, and classy. As you can see, I have a thing for crossbody bags.


stella 2stella

When Stella McCartney first came out with this design, I thought it was so unique and different. Then I touched the soft deer skin fabric and fell in love immediately. The chain adds an edge to any look without being too overpowering. I purchased my Falabella mini crossbody in light pink and I am currently waiting for it to come in the mail. Another bag I have on my list to get is the Falabella small crossbody.


chanel chanel boy bag

You would of thought Chanel would be number one on my list, but it is not because part of me is afraid that if I get one now, my obssession would lessen (NOT LIKE THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN, I MEAN THIS IS CHANEL!) Another part of me wants to buy this bag for myself with my own money. I just feel like that gives the bag sooooooo much more value and priority to me. This is how in love I am with Chanel. It might seem weird to you, but I am trying to savor my obssession of ‘wanting.’ The Iconic Chanel bag and the Chanel Boy bag are my favorites. So practical, so classy, so fashionable in any color.



I have recently become mesmirized by the little monster themes Fendi has designed for their new handbag collection. They are so fun and adorable, yet still fashionable! My favorite piece is the Petit 2Jour bag with a crossbody strap. Simple. Stylish. Classy.



The Lady Dior mini totes capture the essence of a young woman. Dior truly knows how to design for the every day fashionable woman in charge. The design captures elegance and simplicity. I think you are beginning to see a theme here?



I have been eyeing Dolce & Gabbana ever since they started incoporating historical attributes into their design looks for each season. The designs are so beautiful, so authentic, it is difficult not obssess over them! The bags and acessories that are apart of the looks are just as gorgeous. The medium Sicily is a bit more detailed than what I prefer, but it has a personality that cannot be passed up.

That is all for my top ten! I definitely have more designers down the list, but if I keep continuining I will be here all day. Haha!

I hope to be doing a post on designer sunglasses very soon.

Au Revoir!


Cover photo for post by Sophia Kountakis

All photos under each designer are not my photographs

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